Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Long Delayed... Part 3 Mike Toole's Write Up of Puffy's Boston show.

Some side conversations about Puffy's Anime Boston Appearance with Mike Toole.

Concerning how Puffy set up thir Not Lazy Tour.
I think it's fair for you to complain that their Not Lazy tour was... well, a bit lazy. After all, it has indeed been ten years! But the Shonen Knife thing... that's a pretty weird comparison, I think. Shonen Knife are essentially a sole proprietorship-- Naoko does all of the heavy lifting in that band, because punk rock keeps her young!! But Puffy still require a lot of support to travel and tour. They're small-time now, but still part of Warner Bros, so they have label people to deal with. As a unit, they're used to having stuff set up for the girls, separate accomodations for the band, plus travel/accomodation for management/merch sales. That's a lot of people and gear to move around. An act like Shonen Knife are going to be used to traveling a lot leaner, which lends a certain agiity.

The Future of Puffy's US Touring
That said, I do think that Puffy are overdue for a larger tour, and that it oughta be pretty easy for them to do a 12-20 city tour in North America at midsized clubs (400-1000 people) and do very well for themselves, especially if they offer VIP meets at some of the bigger shows. As Chanel discovered, there's a pretty decent number of people who are willing to drop an extra bill to meet Puffy and hang out with other nerds. With the band basically a nostalgia act in Japan, I honestly think it's a good time for them to hit the road for a world tour and make some money. Like I said, I just have this feeling I'll see them again in a year or two. I think they're gonna come back. I hope it happens!

P.S. Mike Toole did a great write up and I kind forgot I had a third post.  Sorry Mike, you are a great writer and deserved better out of me!

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