Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday PV

The PV for Happy Birthday.

Puffy Ami Yumi - Happy birthday

My first impression: Very happy.

P.S. Re-did the embed as the original was pulled from YouTube.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You Track List

Here is the translated track list for Thank You (via cdjapan):

1. My Country Road
2. Jet Love
3. R.G.W.
4. Hoshi Girl
5. Wake Up. Make Up.
6. Haru no Uta
7. Koi no Yamaarashi
8. Ai no Odyssey
10. Fish On
11. No!
12. Yokubou
13. Happy Birthday

With a fair amount of tracks that have not been released, I am very excited about this album. Dareka Ga seems to have been left out, which is a shame as I liked that single.

I back ordered Happy Birthday and Thank You... the limited DVD editions, so I should get my order from cdjapan in early March.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Puffy Album: Thank You

Coming March 9 is the New Puffy album Thank You. I am guessing that the sentiment ties into their 15th anniversary, the theme seems to extend to the forthcoming single Happy Birthday, which ships a month earlier.

The listed songs on cdjapan are for Thank You are RGW and Happy Birthday in addition to 12 more that are currently unlisted. I imagine some recent singles and their b-sides will be thrown into the mix, which given that many of us really liked them that it should be a very interesting album.

The single Happy Birthday is being released February 9th, the deluxe version will have a DVD with more Gekidan Asesu tour footage. Here is the track listing for the single and bonus DVD:

01. Happy Birthday
02. Banzai!
03. Gingakei Drive~PUFFY TOUR 2009 Medley @Nagano・Santerasu Hall

02. My Story
03. Asia no Junshin
04. Dareka ga
05. Jet Love
06. Bye Bye
07. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera

When I know more, I will pass it on. It is going to be an expensive month or two... in a totally good way.

Also Puffy's official website has gotten a new look, check it out. I think the redesign is very nifty.

P.S. A gigantic version of the above pic can be found here... another cool 1t anniversary entry background pic here... of course all images are copyright Sony/Ki oon

P.P.S. Thanks
to amiyumidas readers PUFFYsanjo for the heads up and tbb for the cd/dvd track lists)