Monday, November 17, 2014

Puffy Tour 2014, Swag Setlist

Sometimes there are gems of information in the official Puffy blog, in this case the set list from the Swag tour this fall:

1. I Don't Wanna
2. my journal
3. Akai Buranko
4. Sayonara Summer
5. Ai no Shirushi
6. Kuchibiru Motion
7. Tenshi no Wink
8. Sui Sui
9. Hasanjyauze
10. Tararan
11. Choushuu
12. Circuit no Musume (REMIX ver)
13. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru etc.
14. boom boom beat
15. UREI
16. My Story
17. Bye Bye
ENC1. Oriental Diamond
ENC2. Asia no Junshin

Over all I'd say this is a pretty good array of songs with some unexpected entries like "Urei" and "my journal."

The only song I am blanking on in Choushuu and my Google fu is weak tonight.

Now... the bad news in all of this is that it is probably going to be slow news wise as it appears there is not much going on between now and sometime next year. I have not read if there will be holiday shows, but I think Ami and Yumi are are a point in their careers that I would expect it (assuming the shows last year were well booked).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mysterious News

Via Ami's on Instagram:  "Our photoshoot started from morning, today. Details will probably be revealed next year."

To me, this (hopefully) suggests that the pic is photography for an album sometime in spring.  However this is pure conjecture.

Here is another, which is a fun concert pic:

P.S.  Not a lot of notable or interesting things coming out of Team Puffy for a while.  Ami's Instagram account is fairly funny though.  Guess I will have to do something on my own.  Stack rank albums or singles? 

(Images belong to Ami)