Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Flashback To The Past...

Sorry gang, other commitments have been eating away at writing time, but I came across this video today. Fairly dated but a version of Asia No Junshin one I have not seen....

I would probably describe this one as more fun than good, but it is for a TV spot so most of the problems stem from that. Hearing Glay and Ami do Asia No Junshin live, from roughly the same time was really great however.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully I will have more opportunity to write over Thanksgiving week. That also implies free time to listen to music, which is a major benefit!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Too Good To Be True

I did a quick follow up with Brigitte Wright who management for Less Than Jake... turns out Puffy is not touring with them. Puffy canceled two months ago. Why promoters, venues and ticket sellers have not updated was as much a surprise to my source with Less Than Jake as it was to me....

That means that I can say with a high degree of certainty that Puffy is not touring the US this winter. Sorry for the false alarm... There was enough to report on, after all this was big news for US based Puffy fans... but I definitely saw some oddities about the concerts. First no announcement via Puffy, they have always been proactive on concert announcements. Second the unevenness of promoters and ticket sellers with them on the bill.

Sorry to dash everyone's hopes.... Reporting good news as well as bad news is part of gigs like this. I suppose the only good thing I can take from all of this confusion is that Puffy still has some interest in playing US gigs. Hopefully this will translate to Ami and Yumi actually playing US gigs at some point...

That or I will have to sleep on my friend Karen's couch in Tokyo.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unannounced Puffy 2009 US Tour Dates

(See the above... blog for more news... and bad news at that)

Commenter Robert got me on this trail, so he really deserves full credit. At this point I am excitedly trying to collate information and will add more when I know more. From what I can ascertain right now there are two concerts Puffy will be at as a support act for Less Than Jake.

It looks like this will be a four band concert, so I guess they will get one set.... which is a shame. My best hope is they will get the same amount of stage time The Juliette Dagger got on Shonen Knife's last tour.... but some live Puffy is better than the alternative.

At-any-rate here are the dates I can verify:

11/27/2009 - The Gothic, Englewood CO
12/04/2009 - House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA

Bad news is I know nothing more at this time. Less Than Jake has shows between these dates and after, so I do not know if Ami and Yumi are only doing these shows or not. The information is unclear. More surprisingly is that this is totally out of the blue, usually Puffy has update on forthcoming tour dates.

Now the really, really good news is, I happen to live in Denver... So, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be be at The Gothic (where I happened to see Shonen Knife...), which is a terrific venue.

My gut tells me this was all thrown together quickly... but when I know more I will pass it along!