Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Loading Up For 2020 with a Asahi Clear Advert

It is good to see that Puffy looks to have an active year ahead of them.  Various festivals and other performances.  No sign of anything resembling a new album, which is frustrating as their last album was the fantastic "Thank You."

Anyways they have a new song for Asahi Clear.

Nothing earth shattering here, it sounds like a Puffy song made for a commercial.  Of course we are not hearing the whole song, but it is on brand so to speak.  There are two adverts in this campaign, this one I liked better than the other.  You can see more about the Asahi Clear ad campaign here.

Said this before and I'll say it again. the frustration here is if you add up all the side work and one off singles Ami and Yumi have done since "Thank You," they could handily spin up an album.  Some of this may be entirely out of their control, depends on who owns all the music as they shifted labels (they do remain represented by SMA which can be confusing) and commercials might introduce other complexities.

While it looks like 2020 has a lot on the calendar for Puffy, they have talked about ending their run this year so it will be curious to see if they hold to that or that was idle speculation their part.  My take is it seems like they do just enough to keep going.

Also a side note, I think they are a dark horse for the 2020 Tokyo Opening Ceremonies given they are one of a handful of Japanese acts to have a significant international following.