Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An idea - you can help around here!

It's no secret that I've had a lot less time to spend around here lately, and I've missed things that I definitely would have posted up in a more timely manner just a few months ago. (Like, uh, the current tour that's going on as I write this?)

So, I'm going to open it up a little bit. I know I have some regular readers and commenters who are mature, well-adjusted, and seem to be pretty competent writers. If you're interested, you can help write for this blog. I'll give you a login and you can enter posts directly into the Blogger interface. You'll get your own byline - I've never actually tried this so I haven't seen it work, but I know it's possible. Somehow, your posts will be labeled as being written by you - they won't look like they're written by me.

I will maintain overall editorial control, but as long as you're not abusing things, I'll probably pretty much leave you alone. (I'm a blog editor at work, and this is how I treat the bloggers who already work for me.) I may correct typos and obviously poor grammar if I catch them, but this is just normal editing that editors do. I'll also continue to post, probably at about my current pace.

Things I don't want here:
  • A lot of dumb, superficial "isn't Yumi cute in this picture?!" posts. Though once in a while is actually not something I'm against :) It helps if the context is that it's a new photo, and it's a slow news day/week/month.

  • Almost any post phrased in the form of a question. In other words, "what's your favorite Puffy album??" is not a blog post. Though it could be a call for comments at the end of a blog post (something a lot of bloggers do, but I usually think is a little cheesy. Still, if that's your style...)

  • Anything obviously illegal, like music and video downloads. I really am not in this to get arrested. Embedding video from somewhere else is ok.

  • Anything that trivializes or belittles Puffy as a group, or Ami and Yumi individually. One of the things I've tried to do here is to elevate them to "real band" status in the west, and to get them out of the stigma of being one-dimensional cartoon characters. I don't want that editorial focus to change. Sometimes it's difficult, because you can argue that some of the things they do themselves are pretty trivial and belittling (hawking yogurt that keeps you "regular"??), but, well, if it's really news, then it's ok.

Other than that, it's wide open. If you've wanted to write about them but didn't feel like you had the time or wherewithal to start a blog on your own, then this is your chance. You can write as much or as little as you want, even just a post or two that you've wanted to get off your chest. No pay is offered, just the eternal adoration of all of the western Puffy fans who have actually heard of this blog. :)

Email me
if you are interested. Not saying I'm going to accept everyone, or even reply to every offer, but I have a feeling a few good people might want to do this, if only to help keep this blog going as a resource. Because I know it's probably not serving that purpose too well right now.