Monday, July 20, 2020

Puffy's Song on the Gaki no Tsukai Annual Batsu "Don't Laugh" Extravaganza

The annual Gaki no Tsukai ended January first and for us who don't really speak Japanese the translation by Team Gaki was completed this past week. 

For those that do not knwo what I am talking about the annual batsu game, Don't Laugh puts the cast of Gaki no Tsukai into a job/theme for a day.  They must not laugh for the day, if they do then they will be punished.  The producers do an amazing job setting up gags and skits to make them laugh.  In all of this is a slew of Japanese actors, comics, musicians and celebrities making appearances in those skits.

Image courtesy of NHK / Gaki no Tsukai

Gaki no Tsukai is an amazing show on a weekly basis, but they pull out all the stops for the annual special  This year was really good with the Youth High School batsu.  It was a good combination of running gags and some new ones. The theme we saw early in the 2000s, which is arguably their one of their best NYE specials.  Anyways this year's special was remarkable and rumored to be the last, so it was neat seeing Puffy do the end song, which may be the biggest act to do it.

I was hoping for an original song recapping the batsu game, which I recall being pretty standard.  But nope it was "Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi" with new lyrics recapping the special.  It is neat to see Puffy on a bigger stage than they usually get these days (probably 10-20% of Japan was watching*). 

But... and this is probably not a popular take... it was not great.  I think some of the issue may have been translation which didn't feel as tight as the rest of the show.  Maybe this is because translating lyrics is different.  Also the vocal delivery was not super energetic, which I could apply to a lot of what Puffy has done in recent years.  They just don't blow the doors off. 

Long story short, it was fun enough and I am glad Ami and Yumi get some serious TV time.