Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fish On / Jet Love

Via their MySpace blog* Puffy announced that one of their news songs, Fish On, is the theme song for the science fiction comedy film Uchu de Ichiban Wagamama na Hoshi**. It is directed by TV Asahi producer and Papapapapuffy alumni, Hiroaki Ito. Fish On is a confab between Ami and Puffy’s bandmaster Kinoshita which I imagine is the usual Puffy arrangement of Ami doing the lyrics and Kinoshita doing the music. Ami promises Fish On to be Puffy like, which hopefully is a good sign for the next album.

I will see what I can do to track it down, but no promises. As the only time anyone has heard this was at two screenings at the Okinawa International Movie Festival. Those of us on this side of the Pacific may not be hearing it for a while.

Here is a teaser for Uchu de Ichiban Wagamama na Hoshi, and a very cool snippet because Ami and Yumi both appear at the 20 second mark!

Also in other news, Puffy's other new song Jet Love is slotted to be the theme song for the afternoon variety show DON!, which is a retooled version of Omoikkiri DON! which began on March 29th. Of the two new songs this one I imagine is the one we Puffy fans here in the states will hear first.

* honestly Puffy's blog is the only thing that keeps me on MySpace…
** Selfish Planet


Monday, March 8, 2010

Site note: upgrading comments

Hey all,

So Wes has obviously been handling most of the posting duties lately, but I'm still paying attention and have seen that the comments are still very active. Blogger hasn't updated their comment system in years, though, and it's pretty archaic by modern standards. It's difficult to really carry on a conversation. So within the next week or so (or possibly even today), I'm going to move the comments here onto the Disqus platform.

People are often scared of change, but this is only a good thing for you guys and for the blog. There is no real downside to this at all - all of the current comments will be imported into the new system, and the new system has many, many more features than the current one. For example, it supports profiles and logins from more popular systems (blogger, facebook, twitter, etc. plus guest accounts if you don't want to sign up), it is threaded so you can actually reply properly, it will let you post media and links, and it will even let you rebroadcast your comments to social networking sites if you feel like doing that.

I use Disqus right now on my two other blogs if you want to see it in action - my personal blog and my store blog.

You'll see the new system here within a matter of days.