Friday, July 22, 2011


We have been waiting for SWEET DROPS for a while now and been treated to snippets of the studio version. Over all I am very happy with the video and its production values are very high.

The production values snap me back to Hiyori Hime and the story arch reminds me of that as their relationship is adversarial with Yumi playing an angel and Ami taking on a devil. What I think ties the video together better is adding in the playfulness of Joining a Fan Club. It is also an interesting take to not have Ami or Yumi star in the video and rather tell the story of young love being supported or thwarted by Ami and Yumi. I am not sure if I entirely get the creepy robot guy at the end, maybe there is some sort of context or reference that went over my head.

The general sound of SWEET DROPS very much stays within the songs found on Thank You. It is tight and well produced. In my mind it sort of feels like an homage to Matthew Sweet whose throwback power pop resonates in the song. Probably not the case, but that has been how the single feels.

Overall Thank You and now SWEET DROPS makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the direction Puffy is taking and I am curious to see how that arcs into the next studio album.

P.S. One fun thing to noice in SWEET DROPS is that when Ami and Yumi are sitting back-to-back is that Ami is sitting on a cushion so it looks like she is slightly taller than Yumi (who is a slight bit taller in actuality)

(h/t to commenter hareonna20 for the find!)