Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some Sad News & Good News

Snapping back to four years ago when Yumi announced her marriage came an announcement this past New Year* that she has divorced her current husband.  Yumi (and Ami) have both brought a lot of happiness to my life as someone enjoying their music and entertainment so it pains me to read Yumi is going through another divorce.  Never an easy thing to go through, but hopefully they will be able to provide a good life for the child they share as part romantic ways.  

There is better news for  Puffy as a whole, they will have a song featured in the movie “Song of the Whale and Shimajiro” which is set for a March 14 release in Japan.   From what I can read via translation it is “Tomodachi no Wow” which has been heavily used for other installments of the children’s character Shimajiro.  It is great that (likely) Sony is keen to keep leveraging Puffy for other projects as only a mega corporation can, but it would be better to see new material. 

Hopefully the sad drama in Yumi’s personal life can and an extended lull can lead to better things for 2014.

* h/t bonsaipark