Monday, December 24, 2012

Puffy 2010 Interview

Here is an interview Puffy did for the 2010 concert at Irving Plaza concert in NYC.  Nothing really groundbreaking information-wise, but it is nice to have subtitles for the interview.

Have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ami Makes Her Debut... As A Guitarist

Ami made her debut as a guitarist at Yusuke Fujita's gig the past couple of nights.

One thing I have always liked about Ami is that she is pretty diverse in regards to her musical talents and it is great to see her branching out.  I am curious to learn if she is playing rhythm or lead.

I cannot recall if Yusuke Fujita has a tie to Puffy, but I'll try to do some leg work and figure that out.  Looks like Koichi Kawanishi is drumming, so there is another friendly face in this band.   

(H/T to Blazing Gunny for the find, this also was on Puffy's Facebook page)

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Puffy On iTunes

Looking at the Puffy news on the right pane of Amiyumidas, Sony has finally made Puffy's albums available via iTunes. Why it has taken so long I am not sure, but there are plenty of anachronistic aspects of Japan (good and bad) and it looks like they have finally embraced more modern distribution models. Hopefully Amazon will be an option too as I am not an Apple person.

After snooping around the iTunes store it looks like the albums range from about 1000 yen for singles to 2000 yen for full albums. Definitely cheaper than their albums on CD (that said I like having the album, but I am old...). Now the big question is if the store is locked by region. I have never used iTunes so I am not sure what that answer is, but I will poke around unless one of you have the answer handy.

As an aside I am looking through my reviews and trying to figure out what album I want to do next. Does anyone have thoughts or requests for an album I have not yet reviewed?