Monday, May 14, 2012


Due out July 4th 2012 is "PUFFY COVERS"

Here is the artist / song list:

Yosui Inoue/Tamio Okura "Asia no Junshin"
Tamio Okuda "Circuit no Musume" "Oriental Diamond (DEMO music)
OKAMOTO’S "Jet Keisatsu"
Kishidan "My Story"
Guitar Wolf "Onna Machinegun"
Group Tamashii "Nagisa ni Matsuwaru etc"
Kazuyoshi Saito "Hare Onna"
The Cro-Magnons "Hasanjyauze"
The Birthday "Darekaga"
Spitz "Ai no Shirushi"
Fuji Fabric "Bye Bye"
Magokoro Brothers "Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi"
Kazuya Yoshii "Kuchibiru Motion"
ROLLY "Tararan"
the pillows "Umi e to"

More info to be announced.

I will kind of take some exception to what they are calling a cover of Puffy songs.  In the case of "Oriental Diamond" and "Ai no Shirushi" (by Tamio Okuda and Spitz respectively), those were released by the original composers outside of the context of Puffy.  I have heard Tamio's cover of "Oriental Diamond" and even in that rough form, he does something really nice with it.  Spitz version of  "Ai no Shirushi" is also interesting as it it guitar driven and less polished. 

Nitpicking aside it is an interesting line up.  As miuch as Puffy has done well with covering other artists it might be fun to see how "PUFFY COVERS" turns out.  On the flip side, unlike "Marching Puffy" this should be more readily available to us, should we want it.

Beyond a handful of artists, I have little knowledge of the acts appearing on the release, so I am not sure where my hopes are at beyond a general optimism. The big question is what will Puffy themselves be doing as Yumi's maternity leave is looming?  I expected a quiet front half of the year, but news is happening so with that I am encouraged.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Puffy Playing Puffy

Just a quick update. I stumbled across Ami and Yumi checking out the Puffy branded pachinko machine.

None of this is new, we covered the machine release last year.... but here is a reset.Here is the advert for the Puffy pachinko machine:

Lastly here is what I guess is a game or variety show featuring the pachinko machine.

I do not know about you, but this is going on my want list down when it cycles out of Pachinko parlors... Realistically speaking from other modern machines I have seen come on the market, this will probably be between two to five hundred dollars. Also assuming some make their way out of Japan...Have a great weekend!