Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cake Is Love

My wife and I were driving around and the song "Cake Is Love" popped up on the mp3 rotation.* She started singing it like she knew it, which earned a sidelong glance from me in the driver's seat

"How is it you know this song?" I asked.

"It was a popular song, not in my generation but my older brother's." She replied.

"How is that so? You grew up in Singapore?" I asked, but I also know sometimes songs cross boundaries in Asia and the rest of the world.

She answered, "I can't remember the singer, but she was very famous and moved from China to Japan."

"You're sure?" I asked, skepticism barely concealed.

"I am sure." She replied in a tone that closed the discussion.

So this is where you people come in. There is some possibility to this as Yosui Inoue did write the words and lyrics. He has been around a very long time and written a plethora of material for other artists.

I am crowd sourcing Puffy research and hopefully you all will find better answers than I did.

*I don't use playlists as I am not that motivated and I have a certain appreciation for randomness which is a tenant of pop (i.e. popular) music.