Tuesday, February 2, 2016

20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Album

Puffy has a 20th anniversary greatest hits album due 4/6, so very soon.  Looks like there will be two limited deluxe versions (8000 yen) and a regular version (3200 yen).  No idea what goods will be in the deluxe versions specifically, but it appears to be part of a clothing line they are involved with BEAMS.   Given I am not Japanese sized, I have my doubts that I will buy the deluxe versions... Any ways here is the track list (I'll try and clean up titles later):

1 Innocence of Asia
2 This is the way that I live
3 Daughter of Circuit
4 Etcetera surrounding Nagisa
6 Token of love
7 Tararan
8 Sunday daughter
9 For the sake of a dream
10 To the sea
11 Boogie Woogie No.5
12 New day-to-day
13 Blue Tears
14 Akai Blanco
16 Begin Again
17 Moguraraiku

1 boom boom beat
2 Oriental Diamond
3 Lips motion
4 All Because Of You
5 My Story
6 Day and Hime
7 Someone has
8 Happy birthday
9 Wow of Friends!
10 De-dystopia
11 my journal
12 The secret of Gimme Cat
13 Pa fu ィ APICAL Polyster Hill
15 COCO Hawaii
16 Looking for tears
17 «New song»

Mostly familiar ground from the prior greatest hits albums with a live track and one new song (there may be more that I could be missing).  Also their worst song to date is included... I'll give them credit for sticking by it.  

My personal opinion is given Puffy had a 15th anniversary greatest hits album and very little material since (singles no albums) to show since this seems egregious.  Sort of like Jet Fever, a greatest hits album after two full albums, shelved demos and an EP.  That said, it seems all too common place among Japanese artists, so maybe that is just the way of it. Judy and Mary did the same thing to no real benefit other than padding bank accounts.  

Hopefully a full new album is in the mix.  This feels like something of a letdown for a tremendous anniversary for Ami and Yumi as performers.