Saturday, August 14, 2010

Puffy Rock In Japan FES.2010

Puffy played at the Rock In Japan Festival. Looks like another off beat time for their set, 1:35 in the afternoon doesn't seem to me to be an optimal time and feels like a trend for a lot of the festivals they do as of late.

As for Ami and Yumi's inverted dalmatian leisure suits... I am not sure what to make out of them. They remind me of what octogenarians wear in Singapore. Yumi's Hawaiian shirt does crack me up, but all of this does tie back to why I like Puffy is that they do have fun with their image.

I have not been writing much as of late, I apologize. I am stuck on a few albums I want to review but I have a had a tough go of it putting some ideas to words.

All images are courtesy of Rock In Japan FES.2010.