Sunday, May 5, 2013

Datsu Dystopia Full PV

Here is the now full video for the new Datsu Dystopia video. We had gotten a snippet of the song for the HIS advert a while back and I liked what I heard. I am not entirely sure after an extended listen what I think. Datsu Dystopia reminds me of the on of the songs on "Bring it!" penned by Shiina Ringo, specifically Hiyori Hime). Is it a good song for the composer, but I am not sold on it being a good song by Puffy.

So far as the video goes I have a couple of random thoughts. Yumi's hair was redone between parts of Datsu Dystopia so the shaved side of her head and blonde tones are only in the travel agent set. It makes for an interesting contrast and puts some distance between the scenes. Secondly the Travel Agent scenes seem very thrown together, which kinda works. To me it feels like a call back to a cheesy 80's music video, which I thought was fun(or that the budget from HIS was not huge).

Overall I think I find myself wanting something different than what Datsu Dystopia is offering. I wanted more of an "uh oh here comes Puffy" type song as a lead off from their (well deserved) hiatus. Not to sound too negative, I am keeping an open mind on this. There are songs that did grow on me over time like Ai No Shirushi or Hiyori Hime.

h/t to tbb for filling us in with this find and some other great info in the below covers thread. Thanks for being our fan club insider!  Also h/t to Mike for the full link.  I found another source a couple days ago, but that was a d/l.
P.S. Also Youku fixed its embedding codes, so I did not have to spend a half hour trying to embed the video.