Thursday, October 11, 2007

US honeycreeper release (almost) confirmed?

Periodically, I get random emails from Puffy's US publicity agency Girlie Action. Most of them are about other bands, but today I got my first email from them about Puffy themselves, specifically their US tour. No big deal there, but what piqued my interest is that the email makes it clear that they're expecting a post-tour US release of honeycreeper. A couple quotes:
Puffy AmiYumi will preview tracks from the upcoming honeycreeper LP on this string of dates, which is being called the "honeysweeper tour."

Puffy AmiYumi will no doubt give audiences a sweet taste of what honeycreeper has in store when they preview tracks on tour.

This is their publicity agency so you'd think they'd have some inside knowledge. I take this as near-confirmation that a US release is coming. So, good news!

Unfortunately for me and anyone else on the east coast, they also refer to the west coast dates as Puffy's "North American Tour", implying that's gonna be the whole thing. Sigh...

I'm trying to get some more details as we speak.

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  1. Keep on whoever you have to keep on. I know I'll buy one!