Tuesday, October 30, 2007

San Francisco show moved to Slim's

Just a heads-up for you guys planning to hit the San Francisco show on the 15th - it's been moved from the Fillmore to Slim's. Here's their web site if you need directions to 333 11th St, the venue's address. Original Fillmore tickets will be honored.

Oddly, their US site has not yet been updated with this info as of the morning of 10/31. Click the link to Slim's above, though, and you'll see them on the calendar for the 15th. The official PUFFY Japanese site also makes note of the change.

No idea for the reasons behind the move - Ami had said they were looking forward to playing the Fillmore again, as it's a venue they're familiar with. So I doubt it was completely their choice. Just looking at the Slim's web site, it does appear that the new venue is quite a bit smaller than the Fillmore.

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