Thursday, October 18, 2007

SUMAIRU PUFFY - This site is putting me to shame

Some of you probably already know about this, but Jesus H. Christmas, I've found a goldmine here. In browsing around for info on "TV Geracho", a show on Space Shower TV that Puffy's frequenting lately, I stumbled onto what appears to be a Japanese bbs similar to my blog - it's in blog format. The main difference? Well, it is in Japan, so whoever posts to it has tons of stuff available to post that I don't. That means lots of big, high quality photos I have never seen before, anywhere. A lot of info on events and other stuff that you never even see written about on any of the official Puffy blogs too.

Don't be misled by that screenshot. Scroll through the posts. There's also an image gallery.

Japanese readers, especially, may have seen this site before... but I hadn't, and I'm sure that few if any of my English-speaking readers have.

I love maintaining this blog, but seeing what this site's doing just makes me feel inadequate. And I confess, a little discouraged! It's tough to write about a Japanese band from New York City, especially when you can't even read kanji. But no fear, I'm not going anywhere - and I just couldn't keep this from you guys. I'm a Puffy fan before I'm a blogger, and this site's amazing.

And of course, the main reason I started writing here was to post my DVD/CD reviews, not news... and I write in English. So I guess I shouldn't feel too bad. I'll keep on doing what I'm doing. But I'll keep watching Sumairu Puffy too, and I'd encourage you to do the same.

UPDATE: Ugh! Somebody at Sumairu Puffy is reading my site and reposting info without a credit. Several times now, I've seen info that only I had up (for example, the Seattle photos from Kevin, that he told me about specifically and gave specific permission for me to use in a specific way) that immediately appeared on Sumairu Puffy, with the same links and photos. I don't care if anyone reposts my info - I'm not trying to copyright news or anything - but please just give credit where it's due! This is especially embarrassing in the case where I'm posting photos with permission and credit that are then ripped off and reposted elsewhere without an original photo credit.

I still like to read Sumairu Puffy, but come on, guys! A little professional courtesy here.


  1. i love the motion picture of ami leading pikachu closer! so funny!

    aw. I love the amiyumidas blog! It's one of the only US sites where i get my (exclusive) PUFFY info and i also enjoy your posts about Japan trips! Crepes and McPork....mmmmm.

  2. Your blog is the BEST Puffy blog! Granted, I can't read Japanese, but I'd be lost without this blog now. Keep up the excellent work! Puffy and love forever!

  3. Thanks for the support. I probably came off sounding a bit whiny there :)

    I guess this blog is different enough (english, obviously... video, comments, reviews, etc). Just wish I had better access to all those magazines and events. Oh well. Maybe one of these days I'll move to Japan ;)