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Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Puffy Mow Advert

This looks to be the new Mow advert by Puffy. The new song Banzai! being used in the advert... I think I need to hear the whole thing but I am a little iffy.

Hat tip and thanks to BonsaiPark! CONTINUED >>

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dareka Ga Promotional Video

Just a quick post up. I had not seen Puffy's Dareka Ga video. While not new, it is new to me as I never saw it come across my YouTube trawling. I like the video for Ami and Yumi's silliness, but it also reminds me of Sunrise which was a touch too artistic. So I am kind of mixed over all, but I like the music itself... then again I liked Sunrise too.

PUFFY - Dareka Ga - MyVideo CONTINUED >>

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hopefully this is a sign that a new Puffy album is gaining some traction. On Puffy's English blog they announced that the new song Banzai! is slotted to be used in a series of commercials featuring Ami and Yumi for the snack Eskimo Mow*.

The lyrics for Banzai! are by Yumi with music by Yasuke Fujita.

A ringtone for Banzai! should be available on April 21st.

Based on the releases over the past few months I would say that Puffy is close to the half-way-mark for a new album. The likely tracks, so far, are:

Dareka Ga
Fish On

So hopefully the next album, like the 10th anniversary of Puffy, is being timed for later on this year. When I know more I will relay that along!

P.S. The last round of Mow! adverts by Puffy can be found here...