Monday, October 15, 2007

Honeysweeper Tour Merchandise Announced

If you happen to arrive at one of Puffy's upcoming tour dates naked (ok, even if you don't), you now have some options with which to clothe yourself once you arrive. We saw a tiny shot of the Ami-designed "Puffy the Monster" shirt earlier, but now we've got a little better view of it, along with another shirt that I like just as much (for different reasons) and some other little trinkets.

Click here for the full display. This is what you'll have available to buy if you manage to attend a Puffy concert this year.

A little tip: roll over the badges below the keychains and you can see a little more of a closeup of the characters on the Puffy the Monster t-shirt. Ami's a pretty good illustrator! And I knew that the style looked familiar, but Pooch of Peace. Pop. Puffy. pointed out on the forums that it's a spitting image of Rat Fink. As soon as I read that, a bell rung in my head:

In fact, the TV channel that I work for just showed this film. Guess now we know another of Ami's influences.

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