Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Japan tidbits - Toraba-yu Magazine Cover, Be in Puffy's Next Video!

Not sure how I missed this, but if you did too and you're in Japan, Puffy's on another magazine cover this week:

Also, completely unrelated but I may as well mention it, Puffy's been plastering the internet with word that those who attend their October 19 show at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall have the chance to get their face projected on the screens at/near/behind the stage and possibly into Puffy's next music video that's apparently being filmed at the show. Just visit the "MotionPortrait" booth after 4PM to get your picture taken.

This is actually some pretty crazy technology - look at the demo on MotionPortrait's site here (be sure you check the "What is MotionPortrait?" page). I wonder how Puffy's going to use it at the show. Let the speculation begin on what song's going to be next to get the promotional video treatment! My guess: "Sayonara Summer" or "Youkai Puffy" (in honor of Halloween!).


  1. I thought that in Japan the singles were released before an albums release, or will this just be a random music video and not be released as a single

  2. You're right, generally. I'd bet it's going to be the latter - they've done that before. I don't see an upcoming single listed at any retailer, so it's probably going to be a random music video intended to promote the album, not a single.

  3. I guess they're due to release a clips collection soon too so it might be on that.