Saturday, October 6, 2007

Couple site notes

I've been doing a few little things here and there lately to try to improve the user experience of this blog, and that'll continue basically forever. The most recent changes:

* Go ahead and try clicking a post label. They're on the sidebar under "labels", and they're also underneath most of the posts (though not this one). If you ever did this before, you know you'd get a huge and unwieldy single page of dozens of posts with all their images and video clips - I don't blame you if you were afraid to ever click one again! Well, it's better now. A bit more organized.

It's still a little buggy and occasionally it'll hang or the "loading" animation won't go away or some other stupid thing, but just click the label again in that case and it'll work.

* I've now got a little section for upcoming posts in the sidebar on the homepage, so you have an idea of what I'm working on. There's always something in the pipeline, even in those periods where it might not seem like there's much going on.

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