Monday, October 1, 2007

Puffy Interview on L25 (Japanese only)

If you're unlike me in that you speak Japanese, do yourself a favor and head on over to L25's site for a short interview with Puffy. I personally have no idea what they're talking about there, nor do I know what this site is all about, which just allows my attention to wander... to Ami's hair style. I don't think I've seen it that big since the days of 59.

The interview is here.

UPDATE: Reader cheshire cat was nice enough to provide a translation for the interview - hit the comments to read it.


  1. Hi Jeff, I recently found your blog and am really enjoying it. =)

    According to my poor Japanese, the interview is all about how friendly Ami and Yumi are with each other.

    Second paragraph : Because I'm simply enjoying being Puffy. It is more like a club activity.(laugh) Including every staff members, "Puffy" club. Running for a goal or exchanging opinions. (Yumi)

    Third paragraph : It has been long since we all get along with each other. As much as we understand each other, I feel comfortable. (Ami)

    Fifth paragraph : If she doesn't talk, I don't ask,and vice versa. Actally, there's nothing that I can't talk to her. (Ami)

    Sixth paragraph : Yeah, that's true. (laugh) In addition, we will meet each other the next day anyway, we listen to the other carefully. (Yumi)

    Last paragraph : If we are not Puffy anymore someday, we'll still get along drinking tea, and such. When I think about going on a trip, the first one comes up in my mind is Yumi. For she is the most relaxing.(Ami)

    I hope this helps. Woops, I erased the first posting for some errata. =)

  2. Hey, thanks! That does help a lot, both me and everyone else who's going to visit this page in the future.

    I hate it when they talk about not being Puffy anymore. I always think that even if they're not recording music at any given time, they're still friends, they're still Puffy. But I guess they're not thinking the same way. They're thinking about the day when all this ends...

  3. Yeah, the translation helps a lot, thank you!

    Actually, Ami's hair has been big as recent as 2006. Check this magazine cover out.

    I actually like Ami with big hair, and the photograph for this interview isn't that big; it's just done up.

    It really is scary when they talk about not being PUFFY anymore. I don't want to imagine a future without them! But all great things must come to an end, unfortunately.

  4. Your link just goes to a main magazine cover page. Are you talking about this one?

    If so, that's a wig. Ami's hasn't had bangs like that in about eight years; Yumi's never had hair that color. But that's the only one where her hair's more than an inch high.

    I don't know how you're saying her hair isn't high in this photo. Are you looking at the same photo I am? It's at least eight inches off the top of her head!

  5. Yeah, that's the cover I was talking about. I thought I copied that link, sorry. Didn't yumi lighten her hair to that color in early 2006, as seen in the SPLURGE CD insert?

    I thought that was Ami's really hair.

    I don't think her hair's that big, since it's just on the top of her head, not all around it like the P-59 tour.

  6. Well I don't really like to go into such minute detail about their hair, but Yumi's was never *that* light, at least not in 2006. That's practically yellow on that mag cover. She also didn't lighten it evenly for the Splurge cover, it was still mostly brown. If you watch the Moguralike video, that's about the lightest it ever was in 2006, and that would have been shot right around the time of that Cutie magazine cover (both would have been around April or May).

    Anyway my little joke on the original post is taking on a life of its own here... probably a good idea to let the hair thing rest at this point.