Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Collection

Even I admit that this is pretty crazy:

I don't think I realized what that was going to look like before I laid it out. I couldn't even fit everything in! No t-shirts, no keychains. On a shelf, it's not quite as nuts. I hesitated to post it, because I'm not sure what kind of person this makes me look like. Hopefully, just a collector. But it's been a slow news week, and I just wanted to post something. Anyway, this is the review backlog. Eventually, everything will be reviewed here. Maybe most of it, at least. Probably. Assuming I live a long life. I hope that I do.

Tonight in Japan (they're 13 hours ahead), Puffy play Hiroshima.


  1. it's beautiful to me!

  2. Fantastic collection. Absolutely nothing wrong with owning all of that. Heck, I have 3 versions of Splurge (Japanese, US, and a US promo version w/different font, a plain black back w/track listing and the back of the front insert has a brief biography of Puffy and some "key selling points"). If I can get my scanner going, I'll be glad to scan them if you want. Also, what's the album sized goodie on the back left?

    Randall Flagg (AoD)

  3. The LP-sized thing in the back is the laserdisc release of Run! Puffy! Run!. I've got a review of it up if you search around for it. (One of the reasons I started the blog was to go back and review everything of theirs that I own, including the older material.)

    I actually have three different versions of Splurge myself - the US
    version (autographed), the first-press Japanese and the second-press Japanese. The second-press basically just didn't come with the trading cards, and because of that it's got a thinner case. The first-press version had a thicker, more substantial case than most CD's.

    I've seen the promo version on Ebay, just looks weird!