Friday, October 19, 2007

Honeysweeper tour kickoff - Shibuya show reports trickling in

Only an hour or two ago, Puffy concluded their first show on the Honeysweeper tour at C.C. Lemon Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷C.C.Lemonホール). As always, I'm watching the community sites and Japanese blogs I know for fan reaction, and I'll update here if I see anything interesting. I originally had a set list here, and some of you no doubt have already read it, but I found out later that Yumi asked fans to keep it a strict secret - if you really wanna know, just follow some of the links I've got here because at least one other guy's also got some loose lips. (Or just ask me if you want the English/romanized version; I'd be happy to email it to you individually.)

To reiterate, I have removed the set list from this post in deference to Yumi's request at the show. Though I know it's "out there" now - this is the internet, after all. But I'm not interested in pissing off Puffy by broadcasting it publicly now that I know it's against their wishes :)

I will just say that it's a pretty hard rocking set; not a lot of different genres, and it leans heavily on newer stuff. It's also a pretty long set - 21 songs, including two encores. I don't think anyone will be too disappointed in the song selection, although there are a few old standards that didn't make the cut this time around.

I posted about Sumairu Puffy yesterday, and while I'm not gonna get in the habit of just aping their content, they've got the first substantive comments I've seen. I ran them through an auto-translator, and while that's not always completely reliable, they seemed to suggest that Yumi has gotten a lot more animated live, that their vocals sounded better than they do on CD, and that Ami was unusually showing off some ankle - including a tattoo that I don't know if anyone has seen before.

They also have a photo of the line to get into the MotionPortrait booth, along with the booth itself.

UPDATE: Another great report (in Japanese).

This report says the show was nearly 2 hours long because of all the "MC" banter - which there was a lot of. (The first show I saw in 2005 was about that same length, for the same reason. The 2006 show was shorter.) I love that stuff, and it's part of the genius of pairing them together. I just hope they have some new English stories to tell when they get here! Ami's worn out that "my fly was open!" story by now.

Right on cue, the official Honeysweeper blog has a tiny photo and report from the show.

Here is another show report (in Japanese). Apparently, the t-shirts and towel sold out. Get to those merchandise tables early! I always go before the show starts, personally.

This report is short but sweet, and in English. :)

Puffy is ROCK, indeed.

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