Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Puffy's SONGS TV appearance

Just a few hours ago, Puffy made their appearance on NHK's "SONGS". I've got the US TV Japan broadcast set to record on my DVR (it should be tonight), and I'll be bringing you whatever images I can from it... though they'll probably be in the form of photos taken of my TV screen. I don't currently have a way to transfer video from my cable box to my computer, though I may have to remedy that for this performance. My TV is a 42" LCD HDTV and my camera a Canon SLR, though, so photos should look decent enough.

The list of featured songs is pretty impressive:

Electric Beach Fever
Hi Hi

Special Medley:
Kore ga Watashi no Ikirumichi
Kuchibiru Motion
Circuit no Musume

Ajia no Junshin
Oriental Diamond

I've been reading reactions from Japanese fans on mixi and they seem almost universally overwhelmed - even moreso than their Japanese fans usually are. Sounds like it was a pretty good program. Can't wait to see it myself. If I run across any screen grabs before I manage to get my own, I'll post or link to them here.

UPDATE: Ugh, TV Japan is a week behind. And according to their PDF program guide, at least, the show is pre-empted next week! I'm pretty pissed off if that's true, but I'm hopefully missing something. My DVR seems to still think it's on, it's showing a scheduled recording. But I'm not convinced.

UPDATE 2: Disappointing word via email from TV Japan! The show is, in fact, pre-empted next week, and they "haven't decided" when they're going to show the Puffy episode. The one positive is that they did use the word "when" and not "if", so it seems it'll be on at some point... but given how slow they are to update their listings, god knows if anyone will even know about it before it airs.

This is really annoying - the music shows on TV Japan are half the reason why I subscribe to it, and now they're not even showing a major performance by my favorite band on a series that they carry. Grrrrr!


  1. In Japan, actually, the show was scheduled on Sep. 26 at first, and then postponed until next week.
    That was because NHK skipped the show on Sep. 12, in order to air a special news program on Prime Minister Abe's resignation, instead. Then, all of the SONGS shows on and after Sep. 12 were aired one week later.

    I actually don't know how does this affect the on-air schedule in the US, but I guess that is the reason of the contradiction on the schedule.

  2. Thanks for the info. I think TV Japan might always be one week behind, though - I suspected that, and mentioned it when I first posted about this performance a month or so ago. I just was hoping it wasn't the case. But checking the TV Japan program guide, they did have the correct show listed - I just didn't check it beforehand.

    I hope you are right, though, about the scheduling contradiction next week. If they're a week behind anyway, they may really be two weeks behind now. So maybe the show is not actually pre-empted next week and my DVR is right.

    I'm going to be really annoyed if they're just going to skip the Puffy show. I emailed them to try to find out, but haven't heard back yet.

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  4. Thanks rachael - although I removed your link because it is technically piracy. The images and video clips I post here would fall under fair use, but it's a different thing to distribute whole episodes of TV shows for download. So I just would rather not have those links here.

    Still, I'll probably check it out myself :)