Monday, October 22, 2007

FACTORY Live 10/20/07

On 10/20, Puffy performed for Fuji TV's FACTORY Live show. I've heard this will be broadcast on 10/30, but I can't find real confirmation of that - if it's true, though, then I'm going to hopefully give it the same treatment as I did "Music Lovers" and "SONGS." Until then, feel free to ruminate on the set list, transcribed from memory by a guy on the Mixi community site:

boom boom beat
Kimi to O-tobai
Ain't Gonna Cut It
Oriental Diamond
Kuchibiru Motion
Tokyo I'm on My Way
Hi Hi
Hataraku Otoko
Electric Beach Fever
Jet Police

Ajia no Junshin

I bolded "Aint Gonna Cut It" because they've never played it live before, and I speculated earlier that they'd add it to US shows. (I removed the set list from my Shibuya show/tour kickoff post because it's apparently supposed to stay secret, but I will at least say that "Ain't Gonna Cut It" was not on it.) Now that we know it's a song they've been rehearsing, I think it's probably even more likely it'll be added to their US set.


  1. It's announced that on air schedule of Factory TV program was moved to 30 November from 27 November. It's so far the latest confirmation, but this also might be changed.

  2. Thanks TofuUnion - I noticed on their web site they also list an 11/17 show. Is that something different? Or just a different channel?