Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Site Notes

This isn't directly PUFFY-related so I probably won't leave it at the top for long, but I've got a few site notes that you might find mildly interesting and/or informative.

First, just a heads-up that I will be in Japan for vacation later this month, so there may be a period where you see some less-frequent updates. I will still have internet access, though, so you may not even notice a change (or even know exactly when I'm there). Once I get back, I'll post an update on whatever cool PUFFY swag I find. Honestly, though, I'm not expecting that much beyond what I've already won on Yahoo Auctions. I've got some trips to BOOK*OFF planned, though, so you never know.

Second, I'm a stat-junkie myself and I thought some of you might want to see how well this blog is doing traffic-wise since I launched it just last month. (Yeah, there are posts older than that here, but they used to be on my other blog.) Here's a snapshot of my traffic over the last 30 days:

You can click on that if it's hard to read. You can see all the lines trending upwards! That's a good thing. Still not a huge amount of traffic, but I've only even been in Google for a short time now. Hopefully I'll continue to attract more and more readers and get more of the PUFFY word out to the world. But this is really not bad for a blog that's only been live for 3 weeks. Still, be sure to tell all your friends about this site!

For comparison's sake, my other blog, which has been up for about 6 years now, only ever got about 100 hits per day. I'm already there with this one, and hopefully I'll double that within the next month or so.

Here's another interesting graph that shows the countries that my last 500 visitors are coming from (I know it doesn't seem to add up to quite 500, but I'm not sure why):

I'm actually a little surprised to see that Japan is #1! Welcome, guys and girls from around the world. I hope that my writing at least makes some sense to non-native speakers. But it's nice to see that PUFFY really does have worldwide appeal.

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