Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Oriental Diamond/Kuchibiru Motion release day!

Today's the day that the Oriental Diamond/Kuchbiru Motion single hits stores. Mine's been on the way from Japan since the 3rd, so watch for my mini-review coming soon!

We've already seen and heard two of the songs on the single, but there's a third as well - and it deserves a listen before I set down my thoughts.

The single's definitely getting a bigger promotional push from Puffy than "boom boom beat" did, so hopefully it'll do well on the charts.


  1. I got mine in the mail today (like yours, mine was shipped on the 3rd) and I'm really digging it. My first impression is that it's Puffy's strongest single since Hajimari no Uta/Nice Buddy. All three songs (to me) are pretty strong, especially the two A-sides.

    Unfortunately, the disc didn't make Oricon's Daily Top 20 singles chart. That obviously may change, though, as it's only been on sale for a day.

  2. Have you seen the daily chart for 9/5 already? The one on the Oricon web site shows a date of 9/4. And how is the daily chart compiled, is it through sales or just airplay?

    I would think those daily charts have gotta be pretty useless anyway, it's gotta be like watching the stock market. Daily fluctuations probably don't mean much. Though I'm sure it's pretty unlikely for any single to not make it into any daily top 20 but still make it into the weekly (though it is mathematically possible).

  3. Well, the Oricon daily chart on the web shows a date of 9/4, but most of the singles listed on it show a release date of 9/5, so I figured that would include Puffy's single. I very well could be wrong, though.

    And from what I can find about how the rankings are calculated on Oricon's site (found here - the rankings themselves are based (at least in part) on POS sales from a set number of retailers. Interestingly, it seems that the Daily Charts are calculated slightly differently than the weekly charts (smaller sample size, most notably).

    Also, upon listening to the new single some more, the lyrical melody in the verses of "Neji Potion" sounds a bit like that of "Hazumu Rhythm." But maybe that's just me.

  4. Interesting. Yeah, I didn't even notice the release dates of the other singles on that chart, just the date at the top. I wonder what the deal is there, if retailers just routinely break street dates or what.