Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Magazine Photos and Japan Haul (so far!)

Well, I told y'all that I wasn't expecting much, Puffy-wise, on my current Japan trip, but I've definitely got a few things to show you guys.

First, let me just say that it would be a lie if I said I'd stumbled upon any of this. Puffy is definitely not everywhere in Japan like they used to be. On my trip last year, it wasn't until the last day when I had my first chance encounter with them - their music being used as background to a TV game show. This trip, nada so far, even with the upcoming album. No ads anywhere for the album, not even in the record stores I've visited. No commercials, not yet at least. So I've had to seek them out.

My haul so far:

Read on for the rundown, and a nice extra surprise...

Left to right and top to bottom, that's the Rolling Debut Revue DVD, AmiYumi and Spike CD's (had 'em already, will explain in a minute), Puffy no P.S. I Love You for PlayStation, and the Clips DVD. The two DVD's and the game came from Yahoo auctions; the CD's were both found in the "discount" section at BOOK*OFF, Japan's largest used book store.

I'll review all of these for you eventually, and I already have some opinions on many of them. As for the CD's, I had AmiYumi already but for 250 yen (about $2), I bought it again strictly for the obi that I was missing. Yeah, call me a collector. I also have the domestic US version of Spike, but the Japan version's got a different cover and different photos on the inside - and honestly, I hadn't seen them before. Both Ami and Yumi are 100% blonde, and while I'm not usually big on blondes, they both look fantastic. I might scan these photos once I get home - they look probably better than they ever have on this CD. I don't remember there being photos this good with the US version.

I also picked up a copy of PHAT PHOTO on a whim, a photography magazine that they're featured in this month. It's a neat feature, going behind the scenes of their recent "Oriental Diamond/Kuchibiru Motion" photo shoot. Is it just me, or do they look even better in the candid shots here than they do in the official photo for the single?

More Puffy from Tokyo (hopefully) coming soon! Don't forget to check out my full trip report on my blog Alphabet City if you're interested in reading more from Japan than just Puffy stuff.

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