Thursday, September 27, 2007

honeycreeper on the Oricon charts

Well it ain't #1, but top 20 still ain't bad. Puffy's new album honeycreeper debuted on Japanese sales tracker Oricon's daily album chart at #17. It's now settled back to #18. There's a lot of competition this week - a whole mess of new albums with 9/26 release dates on the chart - so it's just a crowded field out there. I've screen-capped the current chart itself for posterity, since I know at some point the link above will be out of date:

I implore my Japanese readers to get out there and buy the album if you haven't already. Let's get Puffy back up in the top 10. I do believe export sales are also counted like any other on this chart, so overseas buyers can show their support as well.

Still, I think any artist would be happy having a top 20 album, so Puffy should be pleased with this.

Update: Now out of the top 20. Sigh.

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