Monday, September 10, 2007

New Blog Feature - Post Summaries!

Some of you have probably gotten used to seeing my full, sometimes looooooooong posts here on the homepage. So I thought I should let you know - so you don't miss it - that I'm now moving towards homepage summaries for longer posts with a "CONTINUED >>" link below that takes you to the full post page. Scroll down to the Oriental Diamond/Kuchibiru Motion Review post to see this in action. You'll also see this on my upcoming Run! Puffy! Run! review.

This is custom code that's not part of any Blogger template, so it could be a little buggy. I know if you click "older posts" at the bottom of my homepage, it shows "CONTINUED >>" for everything. That's a known bug, but I can probably live with it. There are some big advantages both for me and you in doing summaries like this. You'll get a much faster-loading homepage, and I'll get higher placement in search engines (since they won't think I'm duplicating content and spamming the search). This is also more in line with what most other blogs are doing these days.

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