Monday, September 10, 2007

Puffy ANA TV Commercials - Finally working!

Putting this back up at the top for tonight because it seems ANA finally fixed their video links sometime in the last couple days - so now you've got full access to four more ANA TV commercials starring Puffy. They're actually pretty cool, featuring Ami and Yumi walking around China with camcorders, shooting footage and playing "host", something they're really good at and that we haven't seen since last year's "Hi Hi Puffy-bu" on TV Asahi. ANA even mixes in some of Puffy's camcorder footage, and of course, the campaign song "Oriental Diamond" is played throughout.

Aviation buffs will also be interested in the third commercial, which has a lot of footage of the "Fly! Panda" 767 itself, painted in full panda-inspired colors.

Click the photo above to go straight to the Puffy CM selection on ANA's web site.

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