Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PUFFY on "SONGS" - US TV Appearance

NHK's web site hasn't been updated yet, but according to PUFFY's official site, they'll be appearing on NHK's program "SONGS" on 10/3. Why does that matter to you if you're outside Japan? Well, this show is featured on TV Japan, which is generally available on cable and satellite networks across the United States. It is titled differently in the listings, though, so if you can't find it under "SONGS", look for "Songs of Our Generation". It's on Thursday mornings (Wednesday nights) from 12:10-12:40AM Eastern time. I'm not sure if they're 100% up to date or if they're a week behind, so if you don't see PUFFY the week of the 3rd, just check back the following week.

Oh, and watch for another of my monster reviews coming tonight!

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