Friday, September 7, 2007

Puffy Autographs

I'm basically biding my time until I get my copy of Oriental Diamond/Kuchibiru Motion in the mail, and there hasn't been any further Puffy news since the honeycreeper album cover was released, so I thought I'd just spend a post showing off the couple Puffy autographs I've managed to procure over the years. The second one you might have seen already, but this one you haven't:

This one I've already posted once, in my July 11, 2006 NYC show report:

They always use the same signature. If you can't read it, it says "Puffy", with Yumi signing below left, and Ami below right. (I think Yumi might actually be writing her name in shorthand hiragana.)

Puffy autographs are actually pretty easy to come by, at least in the United States. The poster above was a freebie given out to the first 150 people who purchased the "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" soundtrack through Sony's online store (and because I'm a dork, I had mine framed), and the CD was given to the first 50 purchasers at all of their 2006 US tour dates. They've also appeared at various conventions where they sign anything you want them to sign, although I don't think they've done this recently. My guess is there are probably a couple thousand Puffy autographs floating around the United States.

Personalized autographs are rarer - most of their autographs are signed in advance and just given out to anybody. I'm a little jealous of this girl, who managed to get a "To: Jen" on hers. That's a badge of honor! That's an in-person autograph, which mine unfortunately aren't.


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted a autograph, but I haven't seen them anywhere. I couldn't go to the East Coast concert, so I couldn't get a autographed CD, but if I did go, I would never let the opportunity to get a autograph slip away. That's probably the only one thing I really need for my collection: a autograph!

  2. Yeah, I haven't seen too many in the secondary market. People seem to hold onto them once they have them. (I've seen some on Yahoo Auctions in Japan, but not here.) But depending on where you live, you can probably get one directly from Puffy. It wasn't just the east coast shows that they had them on the last tour, it was nationwide. And ditto for the Hi Hi soundtrack poster. You've just gotta keep looking; you'll get one eventually.

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