Wednesday, September 5, 2007

honeycreeper album cover revealed!

Is this the honeycreeper album cover?

Sure looks like it.

Now that I've found a slightly larger image than the one I originally had here, I'm more able to judge whether or not I like this cover. And while I don't think it's got the creativity of a cover like Splurge, I think it captures their current style pretty well - and that style's sort of a mashup of stuff that seems like it's still in the process of coalescing. It's an interesting look, though, combining a bit of both 70's and 80's glam with some definite 60's influences.

I gotta say I kinda miss the indie rock/punk look of the Nice-Splurge era, though :)

But Ami and Yumi never seen to retain the same style for very long. It's all about those Japanese fans wanting to see something new every few years, I guess.

Thanks to BilliePPE for sending this in! I'll keep updating as I find larger versions around the net.

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