Friday, August 24, 2007

PUFFY to appear on Tamio Okuda/Unicorn Tribute

Lots of PUFFY news today - unfortunately, most of it really applies only to Japan. In the span of 24 hours, they've announced their latest tour goods are now available for purchase online (Japan only), they announced a new festival concert date (in Japan), and they announced an upcoming radio appearance (in Japan).

However, there is one bit of news that those in the west can take advantage of, and that's PUFFY's inclusion on two upcoming double CD sets paying tribute to Tamio Okuda and Unicorn on the 20th anniversary of their first album. Both of these sets will feature cover tunes by famous artists in Japan. There's no actual track listing yet, but PUFFY will appear on both sets. Now, they've obviously covered both Tamio Okuda and Unicorn many times in the past, so it's possible that they will not be recording new tracks but will instead just recycle some past material. We'll have to see.

Some of the other artists appearing alongside PUFFY that you might recognize include current Okuda prodigy Kimura Kaela, Sparks GoGo, Glay, Chemistry, Grapevine, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Yosui Inoue, and Kazuyoshi Saito, among others.

The CD's will release on October 24, and they should be available at your favorite import/export retailer such as CD Japan or YesAsia. The titles to look for are, imaginatively enough, Unicorn Tributes and Tamio Okuda Covers.

The original Japanese announcement on PUFFY's site can be found in their info section.

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