Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kuchibiru Motion shoot - PUFFY Staff Diary

I'm probably not going to repost every little update to the PUFFY staff diary here, but I will when there's something interesting going on. Over the past few days, they've been posting some pictures from the Kuchibiru Motion video shoot. Keep in mind they only ever post little thumbnails (probably to discourage people like me from re-posting them), so this is as big as the originals are:

Couple observations. Aside from the fact that they look fabulous, there's a definite late 70's vibe going on here. They look totally disco meets glam, and whatever house they're in (and it does look like somebody's house, doesn't it?) is stuck in a definite time warp in terms of decor. I'd almost expect some avocado green appliances in the kitchen. But the scene itself looks oddly reminiscent of Splurge. Intentional? Probably. It was only last year, after all.

According to the diary, it was really hot that day and there was no air conditioning because of the electricity requirements of the lights. Everybody was sweating. I know Japanese summers - they're freakin' tropical, man. So I can empathize.

To close out, I have no idea what's going on here, even after translating the accompanying text:

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  1. they look f'in HOT! i cant wait for this album!!