Thursday, August 23, 2007

MySpace blog update - send PUFFY a comment!

PUFFY's staff today updated their English-language MySpace blog, letting everybody know about their new ANA TV commercials. No big whoop, and hey, I'm not big on MySpace (I do have an account there), but they're also asking for comments on the commercial and the song ("Oriental Diamond") being promoted within it. Could just be an innocent way of getting people more interested in their blog, but you never know who might be reading these things. Watch the commercials, put aside your MySpace hate for a minute, get on over there and tell them what you think!

The MySpace blog post is here.


  1. man, I wish they would just do this on I don't have a MySpace account and don't really feel like signing up. why don't they just use their own site??

  2. Yes, anither anti-myspace-er here. I'm also a little bummed that another favoite band of mine, POLYSICS will be on MySpace Records. Not happy.

  3. I rarely actually use MySpace anymore, but hey, at least they're communicating with their fans here. And it seems like it's either their own staff or Sony Music Japan that's doing it, which is pretty cool. They've always left that stuff up to their US record label before, which has never really had much of a connection to the band themselves (even when it was Epic).