Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More on The Gap's "Classics Redefined"

I'm hardly the first to talk about this, and it's not even the first time I've done so myself, but I felt like I should at least give PUFFY's GAP ad a full post rather than just relegating it to the bottom of another story. I am using it as the basis for my header, after all (I'll be rotating that as time goes by) - thought I should probably repay the favor by giving some free advertising in return! It also gives me an excuse to toss up a few more photos.

First, here's a fairly high-res shot of PUFFY's photo for the ad campaign - all of the campaign photos were shot by famed portrait photog Annie Leibovitz.

You can click through to a larger version, although Blogger does recompress a bit. You can download a better-quality version directly from The Gap's media site here. Unsurprisingly, PUFFY are at the bottom of the list on that page, and they aren't being emphasized in the US campaign. I'm not too offended by this - they're not as well known here as some of the other celebrities in the campaign, and I think it's pretty amazing that they're being used at all.

The PUFFY staff posted a photo similar to the one below on their web site (actually it's almost the exact same angle, there's sort of a little nook you can stand in there and take a photo), but I work literally down the street from this GAP in New York City so I thought I'd take another picture of it myself. This is how the image is being used to promote street traffic to their flagship stores:

It looks quite impressive up close! I purposely tried to get some people in the photo for a sense of scale. It's practically Mount Rushmore! (Not really. But it's big!)

And just to make this complete, I'll repost my crappy cell phone photo of the shelf standees they're using inside their regular "mall" stores - this is from Long Island, NY:

The campaign is set to run through Fall 2007, so enjoy it while you can!


  1. where is that gap store? I live in the Bronx, I might have to take a little trip...

  2. It's on 5th Ave, I think between 53rd and 54th. This photo is actually on the side, whichever side street it is (I think 54th). So it's not right out front. But it's still pretty cool to see it.

  3. I saw something like that when I was in San Francisco last October. I was all "yaaay Puffy AmiYumi"