Friday, August 31, 2007

Oriental Diamond Video Released!

Whoa - only a few days after Kuchibiru Motion, Ami announced today via her blog that both of the single PV's have now been released. These girls are going nuts lately. Take a little break before you guys burn out, man! Anyway, check it out:

Online Videos by

Panda hats!

Anyone who wondered whether the Kuchibiru Motion video signaled a new direction for PUFFY now has their answer. This is absolutely vintage PUFFY here. No surprise there - the song was written by Tamio Okuda and Yosui Inoue, who were responsible for many of PUFFY's early hits. And the band has crafted a video to go along with it that would have fit in with any of their PV's from the 1990's.

I love the Kuchibiru Motion video, but I love this too... and this is a lot closer to what I think of when I think of PUFFY. (It's also a better song, in my opinion.) Ami's blog entry, from what I can understand, suggests that this was intentional - one PV is what you'd expect from them, one is completely the opposite.

Little update: Those of you subscribing via an RSS feed, I've noticed that at least Google Reader does not embed Veoh video properly. Not sure why this is, but I'll have to think about going back to YouTube for that reason. To watch this video, just click through to the blog itself.


  1. To paraphrase our retarded leader, "You're doin' a heck-of-a job, Jeffy!" I hope they know you're keeping what little American fan base they have happy and JEALOUS! I'd LOVE to get a DVD comp of all the vids. I'm sure a mini-site for the new album will be on the horizon, so keep those eyes open. Thanks again.

  2. I hope they know too! But I kinda doubt it. I'd like to think they've at least seen my NYC show reports, and I know their staff has, but I don't know if they ever go around trolling their own fan sites. Would be cool if they did, though! I'm sure all four of us that are running fan sites would love to think they're reading what we write.

    Not sure if they'll do a real mini-site for the new album. They didn't for Splurge and that was only a year ago. But we'll see. I'm definitely keeping my eyes open. Hopefully they'll at least update one of these days!