Sunday, August 5, 2007

New album "honeycreeper" announced!

A short update today, but a big one for PUFFY fans. Their official site has just been refreshed with a new main image and details on their new album. Here they are, with translated text following the Japanese:


KSCL 1174 / ¥3,059(tax incl.)


1.オリエンタル・ダイヤモンド 作詞 : 井上陽水 作曲 奥田民生 
2.Ain’t Gonna Cut It 作詞・作曲 Butch Walker/Robert Schwartzman
3.君とオートバイ 作詞・作曲 チバユウスケ
4.くちびるモーション 作詞・作曲 吉井和哉
5.はやいクルマ 作詞・作曲 真島昌利
6.サヨナラサマー 作詞・作曲 山中さわお
7.boom boom beat 作詞 PUFFY 作曲 Anders Hellgren & David Myhr
8.妖怪PUFFY 作詞:宮藤官九郎 作曲:富澤タク
9.Closet Full Of Love 作詞・作曲 Butch Walker/Kara DioGuardi
10.はさんじゃうぜ 作詞作曲 : 真島昌利
11.complaint 作詞 PUFFY 作曲 山中さわお
12.お江戸流れ星IV 作詞 ピエール瀧 作曲 Anders Hellgren & David Myhr
13.アイランド 作詞・作曲 チバユウスケ

Translated as best as I can:

Announcing the album's release!

New album "honeycreeper"
On sale 9/26/2007
KSCL 1174 / ¥3,059(tax incl.)

Track listing:

1. Oriental Diamond - Lyrics and Music: Yosui Inoue/Tamio Okuda
2. Ain’t Gonna Cut It - Lyrics and Music: Butch Walker/Robert Schwartzman
3. Kimi to O-tobai (You and the Motorcycle) - Lyrics and Music: Chiba Yusuke
4. Kuchibiru Motion (Lip Motion?) - Lyrics and Music: Yoshii Kazuya
5. Hayai Kurima (Fast Car) - Lyrics and Music: Mashima Masatoshi
6. Sayonara Summer - Lyrics and Music: Yamanaka Sawao
7. boom boom beat - Lyrics: PUFFY Music: Anders Hellgren & David Myhr
8. Ghost PUFFY - Lyrics: Kudou Kankurou Music: Taku Tomizawa
9. Closet Full Of Love - Lyrics and Music: Butch Walker/Kara DioGuardi
10. Hasanjiyauze (????) - Lyrics and Music : Mashima Masatoshi
11. complaint - Lyrics: PUFFY Music: Yamanaka Sawao
12. Ohedo Nagareboshi IV (Edo Shooting Star) - Lyrics: Pierre Taki Music: Anders Hellgren & David Myhr
13. Island - Lyrics and Music: Chiba Yusuke

UPDATE: fixed a few of the names. They should be pretty much correct now.

Not much more to say at this point, but it seems like they're taking a cue from Splurge and mixing up the songwriting duties. That album's one of their best; hopefully lightning will strike twice. Interesting that Butch Walker makes a return, though most of the remaining songwriters are new (to PUFFY). I'm most excited to hear the pillows' frontman Yamanaka Sawao's songs - they're a great band that any fan of the rock-infused parody anime FLCL would know well. Rest assured you will see a full review soon after I get my grubby little hands on the new CD!

CD Japan - my recommended merchant for all Japan imports - now has it up for pre-order.

If you're wondering - because I know it's not a very common word - this is a honeycreeper:

Oh, by the way, my wife and I were at The Gap at a mall on Long Island yesterday (yeah, we've gone all suburban), and I was a little surprised to see this:

Part of a new international marketing campaign, but still, these days "international" usually means "everywhere but the United States". Nice to see them getting some non-cartoon related exposure here, even if it's a bit anonymous. This image also appears on the Japanese Gap web site (wait for it!), but not the much less visually compelling US site.


  1. Is the new album out in the US now?


  2. Not yet, no. It sounds like it'll be released after the tour. See this post: