Wednesday, August 22, 2007

PUFFY in All Nippon Airways TV ad - now with video links!

UPDATE: The "panda hat" photos below are actually from the Oriental Diamond PV. Obviously, PUFFY didn't want to give this away in advance, instead just using them as a tease. (They did the same with the photos for Kuchibiru Motion.) You can see the Oriental Diamond PV here.

One of life's great mysteries has been solved. Earlier, I posted this photo from the PUFFY staff diary:

The text describing it in the original blog post was a bit cryptic.

Here's another one:

Apparently, it's got something to do with ANA's "Fly! Panda" campaign, for which PUFFY shot a TV commercial. (The commercial is mentioned at that link too.) ANA painted one of their 767's to look like a panda for trips to China (photos here), and they apparently coerced PUFFY into dressing up in panda hats for the shoot. I can't wait to see this commercial, but it hasn't hit YouTube yet. I'll post it here when it does. It hasn't yet aired nationally in Japan, so not many people there have even seen it yet.

Here's a shot from the ad sans-headgear:

And now we've got the full video available on ANA's web site. Click here, and you'll see links for two separate ads, both in 15 and 30 second varieties.

I see no panda hats.


  1. wonder if they're ever gonna cut that hair, it looks like they just got out of bed!! i miss a few years ago when yumi had blue hair...

  2. Interesting... I came across your blog while search for the Panda hats from the "Oriental Diamond" PV.

    And so.. I was wondering, do you know where I can buy those hats? they are terribly funny!... on my blog I ask if ppl knows about them and one that wore ayumi hamsaki long time ago, she wore a bear hat (you can see the pics at me blog, latest entry.)

    well.. have a great day! and.. I was wondering if I could link your blog on my "blogroll" list!.. I really liked it!.