Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"My Story" Ringtone Released

So those of you in Japan can now download the "My Story" ringtone. I don't know how this works there - if it's just 30 seconds of the song or what - but to my knowledge, this is the first and currently the only way to hear the new single. If anyone's bothered downloading it, what do you think?

By the way, while this info's been out there for a while now, Puffy have just now officially announced the track listing to the single. Like their last few singles, I'm actually more interested in the b-side than the title track. Here's the listing if you haven't seen it already:

1. My Story
Lyrics:PUFFY Music:Anders Hellgren & David Myhr (The Merrymakers)
2. Twilight Shooting Star!
Lyrics and Music:Sawao Yamanaka (the pillows)
3. All Because Of You (DISCO TWINS Remix)

Limited Edition DVD
「PUFFY TOUR 2007 honeysweeper 2007.12.19 SHIBUYA-AX Vol.2」
1. Sayonara Summer
2. Oriental Diamond
3. Akai Buranko
4. Nagisa ni matsuwaru etc.

Some of you may know the pillows' own song "Ride On Shooting Star" - the titles are a little close, don't you think? I wonder if that's intentional.

In unrelated news, Puffy will apparently be appearing at Avril Lavigne's upcoming show at the Tokyo Dome, along with Ai Otsuka. Might not be a bad move for them, but it's still not enough to convince me to sit through an Avril show.


  1. I love the Pillows! I love their track Bran New Love Song. I'm really curious about this album they are working on.

  2. Already ordered with CD-Japan. Can't wait to add on to the live performance rip from the bonus DVD. :-)