Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ami and Yumi Drive a Tank

Every once in a while, a new video from Puffy's erstwhile television show "Papapapa Puffy" turns up. I haven't seen this one before, and it's particularly crazy:

I'm not actually sure which one is driving, but they're not doing a very good job of it. The guy with them clearly says "ok, not so good!" in English at one point. It's pretty funny - it actually seems quite dangerous!

Another clip was posted by someone else just a bit before. Not sure what they're meant to be doing here; driving somewhere to eat barbecue, apparently. They always seem to get goofy in the car. Check out Yumi eating a whole frog on a stick near the end! Disgusting.

This is all by way of tiding you guys over as I work on another one of my "look back" reviews, so watch for that soon. (And here's a hint: I've decided to review the album you'd least expect!)


  1. In the first video they are doing a game by driving a Russian tank with using Rumanian language commands in Russia.

    In the second video they were initially drivng to fishing place to fish that Ami wanted to. But because of heavy shower they gave up fishing. And they ate fish on sticks pretending they fished them. The barbecue meat Ami brought for Yumi, to show her appreciation that Yumi came with her. Whole the video is just showing how funny they got goofy, as always.

  2. Ooops, Ami and Yumi are actually using Russian language for the command of driving the tank.

  3. Thanks. I enjoyed both videos, but the tank game was really unusual.

    Ami and Yumi once again redefine the girl next door...