Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kimi to Ohtobai Live at Shibuya AX

I didn't upload this, and I wasn't planning on doing so. But since somebody else did, I'll link to it here since a) most of you will find it anyway, b) it gives me a chance to talk about it, and c) it's now out of print, so you probably can't buy it (CDJapan is out). Look around for it anyway. The DVD (from the "All Because of You" limited edition CD) is a lot better - the sound, the picture quality, the whole feel of it. It's way more immersive. Unfortunately there's not even a high-quality YouTube link for this. Watch it all the way through - it builds, just like it does on the album.

This is my favorite song on honeycreeper, and watching them play it live is almost like watching some other band. They're not the bubbly happy people they usually are (except for Shigeo Naka, who's working hard!). Something is happening to Ami over the years - she used to be the "cute" one, and she was always smiling, and so animated on stage. Now she's absolutely deadly sometimes, when the mood is right. I kinda like it.

[Yumi's just always been that way :) ]

By the way, the other videos from this show are also up - watch 'em while they last. But please, buy the DVD if you can!

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  1. The band got a lot younger... The video quality is great and the feel reminds me of Fever Fever...

    I hope they compile the bonus vids to the new singles into one DVD later on... The production quality seems to high just to let it go out in a parsed out format...