Monday, July 7, 2008

All Because of Live Tour Roundup

UPDATE 7/15/08: This may be my last real update, although I'll do at least one more search sweep before I close this out over the next couple days. I think that most people who would've written reports from this tour would have done so by now.

There is one more report from Osaka Namba Hatch, which is great - not too many of those down there. Still only one from Nagoya. If I've missed any, as always send them in.

On to the show reports!

7/08/08 Osaka Namba Hatch (大阪府 なんばHatch):

7/09/08 Nagoya Diamond Hall (愛知県 名古屋クラブダイアモンドホール):

7/11/08 Tokyo JCB Hall (東京都 JCBホール):

Below is the set list that was posted on the Puffy staff blog. (I originally had reprinted a translated version from the Royal Milk Tea entry, but it's just better to have something official. Thanks to the writer of that blog for the original list, though!)

1. Pool Nite
2. Umi e to
3. Nagisa ni matsuwaru etc.
4. Frontier no Pioneer
5. Sumire
6. Kuchibiru Motion
7. Oriental Diamond
8. boom boom beat
9. Circuit no Musume
10. Kimi to Ohtobai
11. Security Blanket (Ami solo)
12. Kimi ga Suki (Yumi solo)
14. Toku suru karada
15. All Because Of You
16. Yokai PUFFY
17. Akai Buranko
18. Boogie Woogie No.5
19. Tokyo I'm On My Way
20. Jet Keisatsu

1. My Story
2. Hazumu Rizumu
3. Asia no Junshin

All I can say is, awesome. A lot of unexpected stuff in there, and a lot of older stuff in there, including some b-sides! A few of those songs have never been played live by Puffy before. Some old favorites have come back, too - I am so happy they're playing "Toku suru karada" again. I understand a little bit better now why Ami wanted to keep the set list secret - there really were some surprises. I should learn to trust her a little more :)

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  1. Hey I just wanted to drop a line and say that I was at the JCB Hall show. It was my third time to see their live show, and the first time to see them in Japan.

    All I can say is, very very great show☆ You're right, the set list was fantastic.

    There seemed to be a lot more talking to the audience than in the shows I saw in Toronto and Detroit, and in these segments you can really see their experience as TV hosts, etc. come out.

    For me, here were the highlights:

    * Ami's acoustic rendition of "Precious Things", very touching
    * They said that they think most of the people in the crowd were from the Tokyo area, so I shouted out "WE LOVE YOU IN CANADA!" and Ami replied "honto?" Very cute
    * They played "Circuit no Musume" which is just an amazing song to hear live
    * The little wind machine on the stage kept blowing up poor Yumi's dress. She was wearing jeans underneath, but still you could see she was often struggling to keep it down
    * The guitarist was throwing Kagome juice boxes into the crowd and I managed to catch one

    So, overall a fantastic show and memorable show. It's great to know they still "got it". ^_^