Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Site Note - affiliate links

You may have noticed a couple of small changes around here over the past couple days - the most obvious being that I've finally changed those links to purchase honeycreeper over on the top right.

Not only has it been replaced by My Story, but that's now a CDJapan affiliate link. Along with the Amazon links below, I get a commission on those sales. (Before, I had just manually set up some purchase links, and I got nothing for them.) So I'd definitely appreciate it if you'd go through my links whenever you order Japanese imports - and it can be anything, not just Puffy. CDJapan knows where you came from. Amazon does too. I do put a decent number of hours into some of these posts and I buy all the stuff I write about, so it's just nice to get a little something back.

The cool thing is that's just a default CDJapan affiliate link there that can be generated for any of their products, and it fits that top corner space perfectly. That's going to make it very easy for me to change out whenever Puffy announce something new. Before, it was a pain to cut and resize images and add links myself, so I never really bothered. But it'll always be current from now on.

I can recommend CDJapan wholeheartedly and I wouldn't be their affiliate if I felt any different. They ship quickly, they pack everything extremely well, and their customer service is amazing. Little story: I ordered Splurge from them way back when, and stupidly I did not choose EMS or registered mail. There was no tracking number with the shipping method I chose. Of course, the package got lost in the mail - not their fault, probably got stolen by somebody at US Customs. Well, I sent them a note and they told me to contact them if it didn't arrive in a few weeks. A few weeks after that, they contacted me and asked me if I'd received it yet. When I told them no, they shipped me another one, free of charge. That's just above and beyond. Buy from them.


  1. IS this a full length.... or CD single?


  2. This is just a single, but the limited edition version comes with Volume 2 of the Shibuya AX live show DVD.

    No album has been announced (yet), but I'll post it up there if and when one is. I'm a little concerned about what to do in that period after an announcement but before artwork has been released, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it :)

  3. Thanks, man...
    Time's is a little tight in my neck of the wood, so I had to bittorrent "Honeycreeper".....
    So, what IS going on in that one song?
    You know, the one with all that yelling and talking?