Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Album Rumblings...

This is gonna be quick - it's way past my bedtime!

Ami and the Puffy staff dropped a few more hints today that we're in for a new album fairly shortly - and like it or not, it sounds like it's gonna be another "guest" musician/producer album.

The relevant quote from Ami:
Anyway, lately we've been recording like crazy. Everyday at a different studio. Everyday with a different musician. So much to look forward too!

And from the staff:

The past few days we've been recording. One of the recording sessions with several different people, which I can't reveal yet.

Usually when they say that, it's just a matter of weeks. My guess is shortly after the release of "My Story", we'll have some substantive news.


  1. I think I'm not gonna hold my breath for the release of Honeycreeper in the US. It's gonna be a year soon and I feel there's a new album too and it'll be out pretty soon. So I'm just gonna buy H.C. like in September online when I get some money and then just be like a year behind with their releases. he he.

  2. Yeah I wouldn't hold my breath either at this point. I've got a feeling it's just not coming out here. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I've got a feeling the thinking at Sony HQ these days is that everybody who would have bought it here already has, either by importing on release or at their US shows. Their fans for the most part already have it. And it doesn't seem like Sony's too confident anymore in their ability to actually increase the US fan base - they're just trying to tread water at this point. I wish that weren't the case, but I just don't see evidence pointing any other way.

    So yeah, buy the Japanese Honeycreeper when you can...